Work Dress Code: Casual Styles at Work for Women

Work dress code — In the recent years, a lot of company have been using casual work dress code for the employee at the workplace. The objective is to make the employee comfortable at the office so that they can work more effectively. But of course, the professional image of the employee is still needed no matter what dress code is used.

Clothing that reveals too much of body parts, like cleavage, back, chest or underwear is not appropriate, therefore those kinds of clothes can not be used. Even in this casual work dress code, the clothes should be neat and never wrinkled. Torn, dirty or clothes that contain offensive words to the other employee is definitely unacceptable.

Slacks of cotton or other synthetic material pants, wool pants, flannel pants, capris are acceptable. Do not use sweatpants, shorts or form fitting pants like the kind that people wear for biking.

Casual dresses or skirts that split at the knee is generally acceptable. Use the kind of dresses or skirts that long enough for you to sit comfortably and appropriately in public.

These dresses are just an example of casual work dress code. No dress can satisfy all of the people style and needs, therefore you should choose carefully.

work dress code Work Dress Code: Casual Styles at Work for Women
If you have a client presentation ahead, this kind of smart slim dress from XOXO is going places. This dress have subdued palette, sleek shapes and have nothing too distracting image.

office dress2 Work Dress Code: Casual Styles at Work for Women
Do you have party at your workplace? Choose dress by Isaac Mizrahi at Bergdorf Goodman that has big cocktail rings and gemstone that enhance your charm.

office shirt Work Dress Code: Casual Styles at Work for Women
Attending a client dinner is an important occasion that needs good impression. Combined this Alexander Wang’s shirt that goes well with modern trouser and accessories.

work blazer Work Dress Code: Casual Styles at Work for Women
Show your executive muscle with this Ann Taylor’s jacket for corporate breakfast. The cafe au lait palette and heels with enlighten the mood up.

Check the gallery for the rest of items that can compliment your casual work dress code:

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