Women Victorian Dress by Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2012

Victorian dress — Victorian fashion is a combination of a wide range of fashion and trends in emerging and developing British during the reign of Queen Victoria, which in June 1837 until January 1901. The long period of this fashion is also accompanied by a change in Victorian dress and other fashion terms.

In the 1840s and 1850s, women’s clothing has narrow shoulders, a low waist and narrow and bell-shaped skirt. Layer corset and skirt worn under the dress. Evening gowns of victorian dress usually have a very low-cut neck and worn over the shoulder. In the 1860s, the skirt became more flat at the front side and projected out more at the behind. In the 1890s, women’s fashion became more simple and less extravagant. The corset is used but is longer, thus giving the form S line. More tight skirt in the hips part are used and the skirt bacame more expands at the knee.

Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen decided to use victorian dress which expressed by ballerina-length dance dresses in princess coat. The collection itself explained her research on folk art and Romany art, which then became Spanish and somehow linked up with Victoriana.

victorian fashion Women Victorian Dress by Alexander McQueen Pre Fall 2012
The result can be seen on the Victorian dress with intensely worked embroideries of velvet gown. On the dress itself we can see darkly subtle palette of burgundy, oxblood red overlaid with black baroque cutouts or sleeveless full-skirted dress. She also absorbs the delicate ruffs and make them as airy-sleeved poet blouse. The flowing gown of this victorian dress collection is also enchanting as it can symbolized lady of that era perfectly.

victorian era Women Victorian Dress by Alexander McQueen Pre Fall 2012

victorian blouse Women Victorian Dress by Alexander McQueen Pre Fall 2012

Sarah Burton creativity can be seen on this Alexander McQueen Pre-fall 2012 Collection. Maybe those dresses not quite an add up for our daily wardrobe, but still, if we are looking for some formal looking or evening gown, we can find it in this collection.

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