Women Coat Plus Size Design

Nowadays, thanks to the growing demand for trendy and fashionable plus-sized clothing, a wide range of women coat plus size shapes and styles is available in the plus size coats market. But how do you choose the ideal style for you and your curvalicious body?

The important thing to consider when you’re plus size woman is that your coat should not hide your body, but instead fit well and flatter your shape. Despite what many traditional fashion designers seem to think, women coat plus size can be extremely trendy and flattering to a curvier shape.

There are many different women coat plus size and jacket styles to choose from. The classic trench coat, with its belted waist and mid-hip length, is flattering on just about every shape – and is perfect for everything from Autumn afternoons to Spring showers. A-line or flared coats are also a great option, as they’re wider toward the bottom, allowing extra room for wider hips as well as a curvy behind.

women coat plus size design Women Coat Plus Size Design

Generally, the ideal coat will be light-weight without extra padding or design details (such as a double-breasted closure) which may add extra and unnecessary bulk. Buttons may pull across a full bosom, but a belt – which can be cinched at the smallest part of the waist – is a great addition to streamline your look and create more of an hourglass figure.

Another thing to consider when choosing plus size coats is the type of occasion that the style will be best suited for. Do you prefer jackets and outerwear that are classic and suitable for many different situations? A coat in the neutral color family – khaki, tan, or black – can easily shift from daytime to nighttime with the right accessories and accompanying outfit.

When it comes to colors, you can go simple and traditional, or take it up a notch and go bold to really highlight your personality. While basic black and darker colors can be figure-flattering, wearing a bold mauve or rich navy coat is a fun and flirty way of showing off your confidence and personal style.

women coat plus size sales Women Coat Plus Size Design

Jewel tone colors in plus size coats can be slimming if the shade is dark rather than bright. You may need to try on quite a few colors before finding one that best flatters your skin tone, as all shades of reds, blues and other hues usually aren’t going to look equally nice on everyone. When you do find a coat in a flattering fit and color, it can be a great idea to choose a patterned scarf you like that includes that hue. Wearing the scarf with the coat can accent your face as well as dress up the outerwear and change its daily look.

women coat plus size Women Coat Plus Size Design

When choosing a plus size coat, look for a good fit that is neither too loose nor too tight. A coat that just skims over the body can be best for not only an ideal fit, but also to offer adequate warmth and comfort. A self-tie belt can draw in the waist in a flattering way for plus size figures, but double-breasted coat styles are often best avoided, as the two rows of larger buttons tend to create a wide look across the chest and stomach. While neutral colors are a good pick because they offer much versatility, jewel tone accent colors can also be a great choice. Before long, the problem won’t be finding the perfect women coat plus size – it will be choosing which one is your favorite!

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