Winter Outfits Inspired by Celebrities

Winter outfits – Maybe it is not the right time to talk about winter considering it has gone and spring/summer on its way. But we’re thinking cool thoughts and dedicating this article for the readers who reside in more chilly locales. That being said, we thought it best to provide everyone with some fresh ideas for wearing winter clothes (with the help of a few trusted style muses, of course)!

There’s something about cold weather that evokes happy-go-lucky sentiments in us all, as it brings lots of lovely activities to mind: sipping hot chocolate, relaxing by the fireplace, even just watching a glistening snow fall! A less-picturesque aspect of wintry climates is the sight of oneself in the mirror, looking like a marshmallow on account of improperly-styled winter apparel. This situation, along with a few other seasonal-related fashion dilemmas (over-accessorizing, bland color combos) are common pitfalls to fall into around this time of year, because the colder the weather gets, the trickier it is to stay chic.

Some tips for winter outfits for you :

è Don’t throw a giant parka or puffer over a pretty cocktail dress; instead, cover up with an equally chic trench (to avoid a fashion faux-pas, make sure the coat’s hem is longer than your dress’s).
è Mega loop scarves are so in right now. Offset their bulkiness with a fitted jacket and skinny pants.
è On milder days, a long, thin leather vest worn over a matching turtleneck is a trendy alternative to a jacket. And it hugs your curves in the right places.
è Break up with shapeless snow boots — they make your lower half look stumpy. Unless you’re in a blizzard, a tall leather pair that elongates your legs is way more flattering.
è To show off your hourglass — even in a thick winter coat — cinch your midsection with a fun skinny belt.
Here are ome inspiration from celebs we love for the winter outfits :

winter trends Winter Outfits Inspired by Celebrities

Winter looks are all about the accessories; cute gloves and hats are a must. Take a look at Dakota Fanning’s oversized beret that beautifully enhance her appearance.

celebrity winter fashion Winter Outfits Inspired by Celebrities

 Camel is the color of the season. From a classic trench, like the one on Peaches Geldof, to camelhair coat, the color evokes autumnal panache and classic style.

celebrity fashion Winter Outfits Inspired by Celebrities

Use a thick, comfy sweater jacket like the charcoal-gray one spotted on Tatiana Del Toro. Paired with an oversized scarf and gloves, this is one sweet winter look.

winter fashion Winter Outfits Inspired by Celebrities

 These super cozy pieces complement both sophisticated and casual looks — yes, that’s Rachel Bilson dressed down — and will keep goose bumps at bay.

For more celebrities winter outfits, please check the gallery.

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