White Pinstripe Suit Men

To any man, a suit is the most important asset in his wardrobe and white pinstripe suit is a great choice. He choose it carefully, he cares for it like gold and he wears it with pride. One of the things no man wants is to look like the next guy. If he’s at a wedding or at a business meeting,this can happen a lot. That’s why a pinstripe suit will shield you away from that boring (yet classic) James Bond look and take you to the realm of fashion conscious men. Let’s leave mr. Bond’s solid suits for a moment and find you a suit that will make you stand out.

Pinstripes are nothing more than a pattern of very thin stripes, commonly found on suits. Such suits used to be considered too formal to be worn outside business meetings and 9-to-5 jobs. However, leading designers soon realized they can make this pattern work for a wider range of social situations. So they started to include pinstripe suits more and more in their collections. The stripes are more or less visible from a distance, depending on the contrast they make with the suit’s color.

White pinstripe suit is a great way to stand out. Sure, you can choose a good suit color that complements your skin tone, you can wear a great shirt, tie and pocket square with it.

white pinstripe suit men White Pinstripe Suit Men

Pinstripes are yet another way to show some class. Not only that but it’s the #1 way to look taller. Stripes are great to gain a few inches in height(or at least to fool the viewer’s eyes). The pinstripes are present on both on the suit’s jacket and pants so the effect is that much more powerful.

When it comes to the pinstripe suit, things are no longer business as usual. Sure, it’s still the appropriate choice when you want — or think it advantageous — to exert a little more influence at the office, but this model of menswear is also losing some of its uptight “banker” connotations. Presently, the pinstripe suit is being reassigned to more out-of-the-office affairs, thanks to the stylish, powerful image it represents. It’s becoming a savvy, sartorial look guys can employ to differentiate themselves from their one-dimensional counterparts.

white pinstripe suit White Pinstripe Suit Men

However, the new, evolving pinstripe suit comes with both benefits and restrictions. That’s why, should you be considering this particular style, we’re letting you in on how to pull off a white pinstripe suit.

Considered from the macro-level, the pinstripe suit can work for almost any guy: It’s the obvious choice for the accomplished businessman ready to visually demonstrate his mad skills because if you know how to pull off a pinstripe suit, it can make a bold statement. However, when it comes to the vertical patterns, the pinstripe suit needs to be considered from a micro-level, namely individual body types. Stripes create an elongating effect, so pinstripe suits work well for both short and/or stocky guys, while tall, lanky guys may want to consider other options.

white pinstripe suit costume White Pinstripe Suit Men

The professional stigma tied to the pinstripe suit used to mean 9-to-5 wear only, and while it’s still a sophisticated work option, times are changing, and that’s why it’s important to know how to pull off a pinstripe suit. Evolving social mores have made the pinstripe suit a dapper choice for important meetings, essential sales calls and, for high rollers, premieres. However, boundaries still exist, and a pinstripe suit travels in the middle of the road: It’s not appropriate for casual wear or ultra-formal wear, so don’t wear one to the club or to a black-tie affair.

white pinstripe suit boys White Pinstripe Suit Men

When it comes to coordinating the overall look and knowing how to pull off a pinstripe suit, remember “2 out of 3 ain’t bad:” Between the suit, shirt and tie, one should be solid. Three all-out patterns can be successfully integrated by the fashion elite, but for the average Joe, it’s too tricky to attempt. That’s why most of us should err on the side of caution. What’s more, when mixing in that second pattern, if you choose checks for either the shirt or tie, the checks should be very tight as to not compete with the visual of the white pinstripe suit.

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