White and Black Prom Dress 2012

Black and white is one of the classic color combinations and, for those how can pull it off, it’s a fabulous look for a prom dress. Therefore, white and black prom dress become trend this year. Depending on the style that’s chosen, just about anyone can wear black or white, whether the dress features classic lines or the latest styles. The following are some of the hottest white and black prom dress styles for this prom season:

Black and White Strapless
One of the nice things about a white and black prom dress is its versatility. While it may be difficult to wear certain colors – like fuchsia or lime green – on a later occasion, black and white is usually acceptable for most events. A strapless, short, silk dress may be the right choice if you’re planning to make the black and white prom dress as a permanent fixture to your wardrobe.

white and black prom dresses White and Black Prom Dress 2012

Bold Black and White Prints
One of the hottest styles for the season is bold black and white prints. This style is best suited to those that want to hide a certain part of their body, as the eye is drawn to the different areas of the dress very quickly. If you want to draw attention to a specific area, add a colored sash or a funky, colorful accessory.

white and black prom dress idea White and Black Prom Dress 2012

Black and White Empire Satin Dress
A very popular style, the empire dress will make you look sexy, but classic at the same time. Usually found with black down the middle and back, and white on the sides, this style of prom dress will also help to slim down your figure, while the higher-than-normal waist seam will draw attention upwards and away from the thighs, hips and tummy.

white and black prom dress 2012 White and Black Prom Dress 2012

white and black prom dress White and Black Prom Dress 2012

Black and White Simple Spaghetti Dress
If your goal is to be comfortable on prom night, you may want to choose a simple spaghetti-strap dress. This style is perfect for those who like to feel dressed up, but don’t want all the fluff and glitz found in a traditional prom dress. Satin is a good choice, as is a straight, short style, which will help prevent the dress from appearing too casual. Paired with black or white flats, you’ll be sure you’re up to dancing the night away.

Choose the dress that best suits your body type – there are so many different styles of dresses available today that you’re sure to find one that will hide one part of your body or highlight another. Keep your jewelry simple, as well as your purse and shoes – a white and black prom dress makes a statement on its own, and usually doesn’t need excessive accessories.

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