Toddler Boy Pajamas 2012

It doesn’t take long for parents to realize their sons are individuals. From the earliest age, baby boys can show a preference for one style of toddler boy pajamas over another. Here are a few examples of toddler boys pajama styles:

All Zipped Up Baby Sleepwear is one-piece baby boy pajamas that zip from the neck all the way down to the ankle make changes easy, and a covered snap at the top ensures that baby’s neck or chin won’t be nicked by the zipper.

Two Piece Comfort in Pajamas where parents no longer need to buy pajama bottoms that leave elastic imprints around the waist of their precious little ones. Quality boy pajamas include bottoms with covered elastic waist bands that won’t pinch or leave marks.

Three-In-One Sleepwear is three-piece toddler boy pajamas that available with either two tops and one bottom, or with one top and two bottoms. The sets come with long and short sleeves and long and short bottoms, making it easy to match baby’s preference for baby boy sleepwear for play and for sleeping.

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Buying pajamas, especially children’s pajamas with their bright colors and cute characters, can be a lot of fun. Before you spend your money on the cutest, brightest pair, take a few tips into consideration. As with any type of clothing, consider the comfort, durability, style, safety and size of the pajamas before you spend your hard-earned cash. Unlike girls, who are more inclined toward frilly or fanciful pajamas, boys seem to prefer comfort over style. It’s best to choose toddler boy pajamas with very simple styles and boyish colors.

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Firstly, consider the safety of the garment. All types of children’s pajamas up to a certain size must be resistant to flames and must self-extinguish if on fire. Drawstrings and buttons are extremely hazardous for toddler pajamas, because they pose a strangulation and choking hazard. For very little boys, select pajamas with elastic bands, plastic zippers or snaps. Toddler pajamas usually sport are footed pajamas, or “footies.” Footed pajamas are convenient for keeping tiny toes warm, but skip the styles with the slippery plastic soles.

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Next, select from the most comfortable types of toddler boy pajamas. Cotton fabric is one of the softest and most breathable pajama materials. It is lightweight and perfect for sleeping in warm weather. Flannel pajamas, a thicker weave of cotton, will keep the child toasty warm during colder months.

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Look for toddler boy pajamas with snaps or buttons that provide sufficient closure without the tight constriction of rubber fetters or ropes. Avoid overly commodious pajamas with flaps, or the boy might snag or tear them as he moves.

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