Sequins Dresses Styles

Sequins dresses are designed for one sole purpose—to razzle and dazzle. If there is a hierarchy of dresses, sequins dresses will easily make it to the top. In fact, it is safe to say that any fashionista or glamour girl will have at least one sequined dress. Sequins dresses are THE ultimate dress that every girl dreams of owning.

If you have an amazing, well-toned back and legs to show off, a sequins dress with long sleeves, bare back and slightly above the knee cut is a great dress for you. To show-off fabulous arms, a short-sleeved or sleeveless sequins dress is a perfect choice. If your chest is your best asset, opt for long-sleeved, cleavage-showing, long or short sequins dress. Again, the key here—flaunt one or two assets at a time.

sequin dresses collection Sequins Dresses Styles

Sequins dresses are so versatile that you can wear them not just for occasion dressing but for a fun, night out as well. For a casual dinner with friends or a fun outing in town, throw in a more basic article of clothing, such as colorful leggings, tights or a good pair of jeans. Finish the look with a classy belt (preferably plain and not sparkly) on top of the dress.

For a more formal yet not strictly formal occasion, such as a girl’s night out, or a cocktail party, you can opt for short sequins dresses. If you have the legs to flaunt, go right ahead and do so. Go for bare legs if you want. We are a believer of if you have it, flaunt it.

sequin dresses 2012 Sequins Dresses Styles

For a strictly formal event, such as a prom night, awards night or gala, there is a wide variety of choices for long sequins dresses or gowns. You can wear them as is or with a pair of gloves or a fancy scarf.

sequin dresses long Sequins Dresses Styles

sequin dresses styles Sequins Dresses Styles

Rule of thumb when accessorizing sequins dresses: whether you are selecting shoes, belts, jewelry, jacket, handbag and other accessories to go with your sequins dresses, if you can, choose anything other than another sequined or sparkly piece. The simpler the accessories you choose, the better.

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