Prada Shoes Spring 2012

Prada shoes spring 2012 always seems to have the most creative looks – in both women’s wear and men’s wear. This line is no different. They featured shoes leather jackets, sweaters and trousers that were perforated till they were lightweight and seemingly tissue thin. It sounds odd, but the effect was unbelieveable.


Prada Shoes Prada Shoes Spring 2012



Prada Shoes 2012 Prada Shoes Spring 2012


Prada have released the new shoes collection of 2012 which are eye-catching and will lead a fashionable shoes trend in this year. This collection features the creative designs and diversified styles. This collection has many kinds of shoes which are different and range from the traditional designs to the bold and novel designs. So it can meet the different people’s distinguished taste whether you like the shoes with traditional designs or you prefer the chic novel shoes.


Prada Shoes for women Prada Shoes Spring 2012


Prada’s Spring/Summer Collection 2012 in Milan is to die for. Love the colorful prints. Each piece of prada shoes spring 2012 is definitely ready-to-wear and can jazz up any wardrobe. The stars of the collection are definitely stripy green and orange wedges that will live up any even the simplest outfit. There’s also a big choice of sandals, both flat and high-heel, in different colors and designs.


Prada Shoes Spring 2012 Prada Shoes Spring 2012


Prada Shoes Spring Summer 2012 Prada Shoes Spring 2012


The thing that was quite different about many of the shoes featured in the collection were wings. Yes wings, little tapered wings were seen on the back of the heels, and in some cases fire. Other heels featured unique objects as well, with each shoe featuring at least one unique details by the back of the heel.

Whether you pair this style of shoe with a wide-legged trouser or a little floral dress you’ll exude chic and effortless style, perfect for the balmy months. What do you think? Would you wear these shoes? It will be great if you decide to choose of of those prada shoes spring 2012.

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