Office Attire Trends for Women 2012

Office attire — For a long time, formal office or business attire has been described as some of business suits for men and formal dresses for women. Shoes are required, and if formal office attire is requested, then men have to wear tie.

There have been so many changes in the office attire over the years, therefore so many people forgot why the proper office attire is important. A lot of people choose to dress comfortably without considering the appropriateness of the clothes itself. The main reason why dressing in an appropriate office attire is important is because the clothes will give the impression of our dedication to the job. We do not want people to get the wrong one, right? Maybe it sounds cliche, but it is true. we can not look careless or sloppy in our daily work, so the best we can do is choosing the right office attire without losing our style.

There is no need for us to be worried that we will become some stereotypical office worker, wearing knee-lenght skirt and some dull blazer, we have got some styles to offer you.

office fashion Office Attire Trends for Women 2012
Take a look at Lisa Finkelstein’s Retro Style, the jewelry design director of J.Crew, she uses a simple A-line dress – a clean basics for the look, you can choose some other neutral colour ar the more colourful one for fun-. Enhance the look by adding accessories, like belt or big jewels.

office style Office Attire Trends for Women 2012
You can also check at Sepi Makabi’s style. This television producer choose a Sporty look which combine a happy and professional looking. She uses a light fabrics for her tank, and combined it with menswear, trousers. Add some vest, belts and a big watch. You can also use some scarves to compliment this style.

They are quite interesting, aren’t they? You can give those looks a try by using this office attire:

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