Multiple Small Wedding Cakes

Multiple small wedding cakes — There are a lot of beautifully bold wedding cakes being designed these days, but there is something sweet and simple about wedding confections. It definitely lean towards more plain wedding cakes. This multiple small wedding cakes is fun. The colorful wedding cake is given a unique shape by each tier, which are not flat on the bottom but sloped.


multiple small wedding cakes Multiple Small Wedding Cakes


There are many type of multiple small wedding cakes that you can choose for simple wedding. The most affordable choice for a small wedding cake is the single tier. A traditional wedding cake tier is 5 inches high and consists of four thin cake layers with filling in between. The diameter of the tier can be as small as 6 inches or as large as you need it to be to feed your guests. It is nice to have a traditional wedding cake as well as cupcakes to give out to your guests. Or you can decide to only serve cupcakes to your guests if you are on a tight budget. You can have a cupcake tree that is full of just cupcakes.


simple small wedding cakes Multiple Small Wedding Cakes


Nothing says your cake must look small. If you’ve dreamed of a tall-tiered multiple small wedding cakes but your guest list is small, incorporate “dummy” layers into your cake design. Professional cake decorators frequently use dense Styrofoam shapes as the lower cake tiers, icing and decorating them as if they were made of cake. The smaller edible cake layers sit at the top of the cake, transforming a small cake into a taller work of art.


small wedding cakes Multiple Small Wedding Cakes


Table display is important with any wedding cake but especially so with the small wedding cake. Avoid placing the cake on a table with other food items or beside the bride or groom’s photo display. A small table, dedicated to only the wedding cake will prevent other design elements from overshadowing the cake. Elevate a small cake or a single tier on an elegant cake stand or on a cake fountain. Alternatively, try placing a sturdy form on the cake table and draping it with a stylish cloth to provide some height for the multiple small wedding cakes.


wedding cakes Multiple Small Wedding Cakes


Your small wedding cake should reflect your own style. The money you save on cake size can go toward fondant draping, handcrafted sugar flowers or an exquisite cake topper. Don’t let the small size prevent you from choosing the design elements multiple small wedding cakes you want.

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