Long Floral Dress for Women

Floral dress this is the most feminine and proper that is in vogue today. Choosing a background for your long floral dress, you should give preference to the neutral colors: beige, light gray, ivory or white. Then it will dress in the spotlight. You can also choose accessories to match the patterns of dress, but do not overdo it with bright colors, so as not to create an image of the flower bed.

If you still want to use bright neon colors or accessories keep the color of “spots” were no more than three in complementary colors. Print on the dress and it should already be pastel colors.

long floral dress 2012 Long Floral Dress for Women

long floral dress women Long Floral Dress for Women

Also many designers do not recommend combining floral dresses with bright floral patterns and accessories similar flower colors. It is better to endure the rest of the things one color mono-gamma.

Conversely, a dull monotone outfit and will dilute current shoes or handbag with the details in the form of flowers. This is especially true if your company introduced a dress code.

long floral dress spring Long Floral Dress for Women

If you’re not a fan of long floral dress you should give preference to skirts, overalls, or blouse with a floral print. Of course, not everyone likes the soft romantic style. But if the flower dresses do not want to give up, complete it more masculine jacket, leather jackets, denim jacket or vest. Believe me, they perfectly complement and balance the each other.

For girls that are do not like dresses like flower meadow with a variety of patterns can be recommend one-color long floral dress with a single, but larger flower: a shirt, or as a brooch pinned. With such floral dresses wear shoes with high heels or wedges. In general, if we talk about shoes floral dresses can easily be combined with both sandals and boots from, as long as was observed uniform style dress.

And of course, choosing a floral dresses pay attention to the fabric. It is better if it would be natural fabrics that allow your skin to breathe.

long floral dress maxi Long Floral Dress for Women

Any dress is bound to looking even better on you when you accessorize it. There are a variety of ways you can do these. When it comes to accessorizing your dress you have a variety of styles to choose from. Purses are very good accessories and you should choose the best one there is to match your long floral dress outfit.

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