Japanese Summer Fashion 2012

Japanese summer fashion 2012 — Every year in June and July, in Japan, many fashion magazines for young women who show a special edition of the Yukata along with swimwear. Also introduced in detail not only the traditional-style Yukata photos, but also Yukata complete with a new design in a way to wear it well and properly, the appropriate haircut, how to imposition, and so forth. Currently, almost all the people dressed in western style and a chance to wear Yukata little. But as a sign of the coming of summer, many people are looking forward to wearing it at the time held the fireworks or summer festivals.


japanese summer clothes Japanese Summer Fashion 2012



Japanese summer fashion Japanese Summer Fashion 2012


Well, lately the Japanese culture inspired many of the world fashion stage. Seen from the winter 2012 couture collection Armani Prive presents a series of fashion with a touch of Japanese accent. Giorgio Armani uses sakura motif, kimono-cut blazer belt and of course unique to Japan, obi. Obi also had become a trend in the summer and it was japanese summer fashion 2012. Gucci fashion house presenting a copper-colored obi has fringe detail to enhance the appearance of colorblock dress last summer 2011. Therefore, the obi is now a must-have accessory this year. Interestingly, this accessory is a timeless and versatile. You can combine obi with high waist pants or skirts, wide leg pants and midi. For a professional look, matching obi with long sleeve tops and pencil skirts. And for those of you who want to wear the obi to a party at the weekend, just follow the style of Louis Vuitton solid match that put obi on the canal made of sequins or glitter. If you are fond of wearing a colorblock dress, obi can help soften your look striking. In addition, plain clothes can also look more attractive with the help obi.


Japanese summer fashion 2012 Japanese Summer Fashion 2012



japanese summer dress Japanese Summer Fashion 2012


In addition to the runway at the fashion centers of the world, in Japan there is also a runway for each season. Tokyo Girls Collection is the largest fashion show in Japan which are held twice a year (spring / summer, and autumn / winter). The fashion show was hosted by model / model top, and a concert with music from artists who are the trend at that time. Clothing that was exhibited was real clothes or clothing at affordable prices in domestic production of brands such as Moussy, Apuweiser-Riche, Cecil McBee, the general public can be purchased at the shopping center Shibuya 109, Marui and Printemps Ginza. Such clothing is fashionable, reasonably priced, can be used everyday, and most importantly, fashionable for everyday wear by Japanese women. Different from other major fashion show in the world which is generally attended by the brokers, journalists, the garment industry figures, celebrities, or with many connections among the elite, audience Tokyo Girls Collection is common among young women of the best performing and always willing to follow the latest fashion trends — japanese summer fashion 2012.

japanese summer fashion 2012

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