How to Sew Jersey Maxi Dress

A maxi dress keeps you cool in the heat of summer while still letting you dress up for a night out. As the name suggests, a maxi dress is the opposite of a mini dress: The skirt usually reaches to the ankles or the floor. But how to sew jersey maxi dress? Make a casual maxi dress that’s perfect for a walk on the beach or dinner at a laid-back restaurant by using a jersey knit fabric. Sewing with jersey isn’t too difficult, though you do need to use a ball-point needle to avoid snags and the zigzag stitch so that there’s enough stretch in the seams. You can learn some steps about how to sew jersey maxi dress below.

how to sew jersey maxi dress 2012 How to Sew Jersey Maxi Dress

Measure around the fullest part of the person’s bust, as well as around just under the bust and around her hips. Measure the length from just above the bust to her ankles, as well as the length just below the bust to her ankles.

Cut a strip of fabric that measures the bust measurement plus 1 inch. The width of the strip should be the difference between the fullest part of the bust and the portion just under the bust plus 2 inches. For example, if the fullest bust measurement is 34 inches and the under-bust measurement is 30 inches, cut a strip that measures 35 inches by 6 inches.

how to sew jersey maxi dress idea How to Sew Jersey Maxi Dress

Put the ball-point needle on your sewing machine. Fold the strip in half widthwise, with the right side facing in and sew the short sides together, using the zigzag stitch, to make a loop. Set aside.

Cut another piece of fabric: The width should be the hip measurement plus 6 inches for ease, and the length should be the distance from under the bust to the ankles plus 2 inches. For example, if the person’s hips are 40 inches around and the length from under her bust to her ankles is 50 inches, cut a 46-inch by 52-inch piece of fabric.

Switch the stitch on your sewing machine back to the straight stitch and make the stitch length as long as possible. Sew a row of stitches 1/2 inch away from the top edge of the larger piece of fabric. Leave a tail of thread on each end and pull the thread to gather the top, until it matches the under-bust measurement in width.

Fold the larger piece of fabric in half, right side facing in. Adjust the stitch on your machine back to a zigzag stitch and regular length. Pin and sew along the side edge, with a 1/2 inch seam allowance. This is the skirt of the dress.

Fold the bottom edge of the skirt up 1/2 inch, then up another 1/2 inch and pin, then sew the hem.

Turn the skirt right side out. Place the bottom edge of the loop of fabric, which will be the bust of the dress, against the top edge of the skirt, right sides facing each other. Pin the bust to the skirt, then sew together with a 1/4 inch seam.Sew a zigzag stitch along the top edge of the bust.

how to sew jersey maxi dress How to Sew Jersey Maxi Dress

Have the person try the dress on. Cut two pieces of spaghetti strapping and pin one end of each piece to the back of the dress, while the person is still wearing it. Bring the strapping over the person’s shoulders and pin to the front of the dress so that they hold the dress up without sliding off the shoulders.Take the dress off of the person and sew the straps in place by hand. Maybe you will not wandering again on how to sew jersey maxi dress, try it by yourself.

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