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Haute Couture fashion – Haute couture (French for “high sewing” or “high dressmaking”) refers to the creation of exclusive custom-fitted clothing. Haute couture is made to order for a specific customer, and it is usually made from high-quality, expensive fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and capable seamstresses, often using time-consuming, hand-executed techniques. Couture is a common abbreviation of haute couture and refers to the same thing in spirit.


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Haute Couture fashion is a fashion week held to explore the fashionable trends in the next year, at the same time it is to look for new creative ideas to make more progress in haute couture. Haute Couture aims to make a good combination between traditional delicate crafts and unique and creative ideas. Haute Couture dresses at the age of old. This is the time of their marriage, and they held a good job already, because they bring money to your wedding means that you have. Simply put, more people can afford to marry in Haute Couture Evening Dresses. Marriage to explain the changes in culture, a culture of reason is the advent of modern dress.

These followings are GIORGIO ARMANI PRIVE Haute Couture fashion.


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Armani used unusual colours like chartreuse yellow, underlying thread that runs through the entire collection, are also used for the tulle lining that replicates every segment, every element of the garment. Swarovski micro crystals light up net jackets, revealing tantalising details of the body, or completely cover jackets, tunics and vests.Spiral cuts wrap around the body like a liana: an exercise in workmanship and millimetric accuracy in design and execution, transforming these evening gowns into a rare example of savoir faire. Embroideries with minuscule cannettes, rounded sequins, and crystals, give body and unexpected three-dimensional form to dresses with natural prints. Ultra-embroidered constructed jackets are thrown casually over the shoulder — Haute Couture fashion.

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