Gucci Shoes 2012 Collection

Gucci shoes 2012 are very rich, both in color and material. Snakeskin is on almost every shoe, either all over. This collection marks the 90th anniversary of the Gucci runway shows, the first being in the 1970′s, so Frida Giannini used elements from the era in this collection. For the shoes that translated into simple, round toe sandals with a slim ankle strap, T-strap sandals, and low-heeled riding boots.


Gucci shoes for women black Gucci Shoes 2012 Collection


Gucci shoes 2012 Gucci Shoes 2012 Collection


While the shoes aren’t showstoppers, they are classic in design and very lady-like. These are shoes that can be worn for many seasons to come. Our favorite being the blue whose shade was reminiscent of Moroccan tiles–it was like an explosion of the feet! The profile the sandals created on the runway made for a lasting impression. The Italian fashion brand Gucci is so characterized by the extreme elegance of their designs, the matter that make it quite famous all over the world. Gucci shoes 2012 are more than pretty, new, trendy and comfortable as well. There are many variant designs and colors to satisfy all tastes, in addition to the great match with the season modes.


Gucci shoes for women Gucci Shoes 2012 Collection


Gucci shoes high Gucci Shoes 2012 Collection


The rich silks of the sweeping skirts were complemented by exotic skin shoes made up in strong colours and soft suedes. Elsewhere, more classical knee-length boots were worn with pencil skirts and jaunty fedora hats. While Gucci shoes for women were not jaw-dropping in themelves, they were the ideal companions for the garments, and should pave the way for even more colourful vintagey footwear. Leather and thick canvas are used by Gucci production line, and they sometimes come with many prints of the brand name. High heel shoes are widely produced by Gucci since they are the most needed style in occasions and formal use. The open toe style is one of Gucci’s main features which come usually in leather and sometimes printed to enhance the look gucci shoes 2012.

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