Girls Floral Skirts 2012

A girl’s closet wouldn’t be complete without a cute girls floral skirts, be it ruffled, pleated or A-line type. However, some girls are having problem on how to wear a skirt and having doubts on what top or shoes would look good with girls floral skirts.

Maybe using a girls floral skirts will make such questions,like “What should I wear with girls floral skirts?” You can go the simple route and choose a basic, no-nonsense top and accessories, or you can have fun with this warm weather staple with daring choices.

girls floral skirts collection Girls Floral Skirts 2012

Some floral prints will be delicate and subtle, while others may be bold and vibrant. Make sure you choose a print for your girls floral skirts that you really love and that fits your style and body type, as florals aren’t always easy to wear.

Now, it’s time to choose the top. These are several smart options that pair well with floral print skirts, in long and short lengths.

Halter Top is instantly sexy. Because the top is such a focal point on its own, a knee-length or longer skirt gives your outfit balance. If your skirt is on the longer side, a tube top is a good choice. Make sure it doesn’t fall past your hips. Petite women can really elongate their frames by choosing tops that match the background color of their skirts. A simple tee works well with a long or short floral print skirt. Choose a stretch tee or one that closely skims your body, particularly if your skirt flares and is roomy.

girls floral skirts idea Girls Floral Skirts 2012

Once you have the right top to wear with your skirt, you’re well on your way to a cute summertime outfit. Your shoe choice should be casual, such as sandals, flip flops or espadrilles. As for jewelry, delicate and small pieces won’t take away from your attention-getting skirt, but big, chunky pieces in complementary colors can work well, too.

girls floral skirts style Girls Floral Skirts 2012

Girls floral skirts are a very common go-to print in the warmer months—they are light, feminine and come in many different print sizes to suit almost anyone’s personal style. Wearing floral patterns will give you a youthful, bohemian chic look that is elegant and appropriate for the heat.

Commit to a size of floral print. If you’re going to wear floral prints, choose a size of print that matches your personality and style. For example, if you have a larger-than-life sense of style, go for a larger print that exemplifies this.

girls floral skirts 2012 Girls Floral Skirts 2012

Wear one floral piece at a time so you don’t look tacky or cluttered. When it comes to floral, less is more. Match plain colored items with the background color in your floral print. If you have a floral top with a dark navy background, pair it with dark jeans, black leggings or other dark pieces. Likewise, if you have a light floral printed garment, pair it with lighter colored items. Avoid mixing any other patterns when wearing floral prints. Girls floral skirts look best when matched with solid colors.

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