Girl Skinny Denim Pant 2012

Even though it’s time to lighten up the wardrobe, don’t ignore girl skinny denim pant because you think it’s too “heavy”. Lightweight denim pieces made their mark on the spring 2012 runways and there are several different ways to pull off a stylish look wearing those on casual days. You need to pick out the right colors and styles to make your look work this spring. And, don’t forget about accessories this season – neons and brights pair very well with most denim collections.

If you can pull off girl skinny denim pant you’ll be a good candidate for this popular trend of the season. One of the trend is the skinny crop pants made with lightweight denim paired with pointed heels or wedge sandals will help you achieve a more sophisticated, classy look. Skinny cropped pants with a matching jacket can be a good fit for the office. Wear these with tunic-length blouses and longer jackets to create a figure-flattering silhouette.

girl skinny denim pant 2012 Girl Skinny Denim Pant 2012

Colored denim began hitting the streets in 2011 and for 2012 the trend is exploding. Not dominant on the runways, the colored girl skinny denim pant trend began and is the hottest way to wear jeans this 2012 season. While bright pants in silhouettes such as the trouser pant, wide leg pants and cropped pants are popping up everywhere for spring, the colored skinny is the ultimate way to wear the bright colored pant trend for the 2012 season.

Brightly colored girl skinny denim pant offers the best of both worlds when it comes to pant dressing. Since colored skinnies are in the denim family, they offer the instant comfort of wearing jeans. The bright and vivid colors along with the form fitting silhouettes of the skinny jean elevates the colored skinny and makes it cross over into the casual trouser category. Colored skinnies are being shown in every color imaginable. The hottest colors on the street are cobalt blue, yellow, orange and red.

girl skinny denim pants Girl Skinny Denim Pant 2012

Then of course, you can wear your girl skinny denim pant as it is with heels. Wearing heels / wedges with your skinnies can make you look even taller! Ballet flats and slip Vans – though very common – look best on taller people or people with longer legs. Converse are also a comfy (and good looking) alternative, although again looks better on taller people with longer legs.

girl skinny denim pant ideas Girl Skinny Denim Pant 2012

Balance off the effect of skinnies by wearing a loose and flowing top over them. Babydoll dresses / tunics work quite well, and look even better with a belt over the waistline. If you want to go for a less girly look, get a loose-fitting (but not baggy) tee in dark colors or with graphics/slogans on it. Have fun on wearing your girl skinny denim pant!

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