Formal Dress in Black Colour by Jovani

Formal dress — Formal wear (US, Canada) and formal dress (UK, Australia, New Zealand, and other Commonwealth Realms) are the terms for clothing suitable for formal social events, such as a wedding, formal garden party or dinner, prom night, dance, or race. The Western style of formal evening dress, characterized by black and white garments, has spread through many countries; it is almost always the standard formal social dress in countries without a formal national costume.

Unless an invitation specifically states otherwise, formal attire usually means a tuxedo and black bow tie for men and an evening gown or very smart cocktail dress for women.The dress codes considered formal in the evening are white tie and black tie.

black formal dress 20121 Formal Dress in Black Colour by Jovani

The required clothing for men with the white tie formal is roughly the following: a tailcoat; formal trousers, etc. For women, the appropriate accompaniment to white tie formal attire is the ball gown. Depending on the event, it may be inappropriate to wear a gown that does not cover the shoulders. Although a ball gown is most appropriate, the strict requirements have relaxed somewhat, and a floor-length evening dress is often acceptable. Cocktail or tea-length dresses are really not suitable.

Whereas for black tie formal, men wear tuxedo, trousers, black bow tie, etc. Again, a variety of formal dress is worn by women, including cocktail dresses, little black dresses, and evening gowns. Women generally have a larger choice of formal attire for black tie events than for white tie. While a formal evening gown is most traditional, a dressy cocktail dress or tea-length dress may also be used.

black formal gown Formal Dress in Black Colour by Jovani

black formal dress1 Formal Dress in Black Colour by Jovani

If you are going to attend some formal occasions, make sure you pay attention on the formal dress to wear. These are some examples of simple yet pretty black formal dresses that have been designed by Jovani.

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