Flower Girls Hairstyles

Flower girls hairstyles must be considered, not only the brides can look beautiful during the wedding ceremony in the church. The flower girls would also want to look beautiful. Well, it could not hurt to dress your child in order to look different, beautiful, and adorable in this special day. The trick? just arrange the hair with different styles. Here are some hair styles for your child so that she looks cute.


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flower girls hairstyles pictures Flower Girls Hairstyles



flower girls hairstyles 2012 Flower Girls Hairstyles



There’s many variation of flower girls hairstyles. One of them is rosette buns style. Their long hair shaped like a bun on the back of the head. However, in order not to seem adult-like bun, chignon formed a circle in the head. To make it, take a small long hair, then form a ponytail. Then turn and twist to form a bun of hair, then pin with bobby pins. As a variation, before the knot is formed, it can also be braided hair first. In addition, you can also create some form of a small coil at the top of the head, leaving hair loose parts in order to stay beautiful. Then the French style braids. This hairstyle is a classic hair style with a small braid in the middle of the hair. From this model of the French braid you can create with a unique twist various models, for example, by two French braids on either side of the hair. Or you can also make their hair plaited in one part of it, with a model on one side. To beautify tie with ribbon.



Flower girls hairstyles Flower Girls Hairstyles



 Flower Girls Hairstyles


Form style curly hair with a small child can also be a unique style. If the child does not have curly hair then hairdressing children using a curling iron. After a somewhat curly hair, add their hair with a ribbon or a cute headband. Add a series of flower hair piece to make it look nice and pretty. The next, you can try the pigtail hair styles. This hairstyle can be used for any long hair. This hairstyle looks very adorable, and perfect for all girls. Two-bonded hair is rather high. For flower girls hairstyles, add colored ribbon or tassel on their funny hair.

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