Fashion Women Shoes 2012 Collection

Fashion Women Shoes 2012 from Prada Shoe Collection Spring/ Summer Fashion 2012 is unique. No other designer has ever created anything that would be at least similar to what Miuccia Prada designed. Shoes with flame tips in bright red, burgundy and yellow colors remind us of speed and the incredible sensation of the adrenaline running though veins.

If Prada shoe collection for Spring/ Summer 2012 fashion season will be described, the most suitable word is ‘brightness’. The entire collection includes elements which remind us of incredible speed and adrenaline rush that one experiences while riding on such speed.

Prada shoe collection for Spring/ Summer 2012 for fashion women shoes 2012 is very diverse. You can find heeled shoes, wedges, sandals, and even flip flops. All are made in patent or snakeskin leather.

fashion women shoes 2012 collection Fashion Women Shoes 2012 Collection

The color scheme of fashion women shoes 2012 taken from Prada shoe collection for Spring/ Summer 2012 is varied. There are bright red, orange and yellow pieces as well as pale blue, nude and white. But only few pairs come monotone. All the others feature combination of different hues.

fashion women shoes 2012 ideas Fashion Women Shoes 2012 Collection

The hottest fashion women shoes 2012 are shoes that don’t whisper, but shout ! Ballerina flats are not the soft spoken ballerina flats of yesteryear – but stand to make a large statement.

The new shoe trends shout “The sky is the limit”. No color is too shocking, and embellishment to garish…So, don’t think you’re seeing things, when you see fringe, and ruffles on your girl friend feet. We’ll also be seeing a lot of cool blues, like turquoises and aqua shades; lime greens, and dark pinks.

The Extreme High Heel – The stilettos are towering, I am talking 7 inches high. The runways were “war zones” with models taking spills, due to mega high heel shoes. Look for pumps to have a bit rounder toes, and booties to be all done up, with cuts, and straps, not to mention lattices work.

fashion women shoes 2012 Fashion Women Shoes 2012 Collection

Platform pumps – This springs pump is not your moms demure pump of days gone by… They do remain a bit classic but not the typical pump. The pump is all pumped up not only in height but in bold flashy colors.

One big change – the toe is rounded, and give a more comfortable fit, and feel. The materials vary from leather, suede, crazy prints (to include lots of stripes and paisleys) , animal prints, metallics, and even some satins are out there. Another trend “fringe” you will see fringe used on pumps as well as sandals. Take your inspiration for fashion women shoes 2012 here.

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