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Add pizzazz to an outfit by wearing a fashion cardigan 2012. The fashion cardigan 2012 sweater has come a long way since the days of the standard twin set for women, and now consists of long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless, cropped and elongated styles. Though traditionally cardigans belonged in men’s closets, today this clothing item is also a standard “must-have” for every season and every woman’s closet because of its versatility. Styling the cardigan is not difficult, but it can make a large impact on an otherwise bland outfit.

fashion cardigan 2012 cotton Fashion Cardigan 2012 Women

Jazz up a casual T-shirt and jeans with a bright fashion cardigan 2012 worn over the T-shirt. Cardigans are available in a wide array of colors and patterns. Choose your favorite bright color, a trendy seasonal color or a pattern that appeals to your stylish side. If you’re not ready to go bold, pair a bright T-shirt with a muted cardigan color such tan or black.

Wrap a belt around your waist for an instant update. Belts are a versatile accessory that can wrap around the exterior of the cardigan to style the outfit. Choose a thick, stretchy belt in a coordinating color or a thin belt with a burst of color.

fashion cardigan 2012 uk Fashion Cardigan 2012 Women

Update a standard turtleneck with a sleeveless cardigan. Choose an elongated cardigan and wear it open in the front to show off the turtleneck. Pair the outfit with long, layered necklaces and skinny jeans for a rocker-chic look.

Pin a stylish bow to the neckline of the fashion cardigan 2012 to update its look. Choose a bow that coordinates with the cardigan’s color such as a purple bow or flower for an emerald green cardigan, or a large black flower for a white cardigan. Other options include a traditional pearl necklace or wearing an insignia badge for a preppy look.

Go classic with a cropped waist cardigan and an A-line dress. Wear the cardigan open or pin on a favorite brooch in the center of the cardigan to wear to a wedding, holiday party or other event. The cardigan can also serve as a shoulder cover draped as a cape, with the sleeves loosely tied around the neck, providing warmth for chilly indoor weather or as an outfit accessory.

fashion cardigan 2012 women Fashion Cardigan 2012 Women

Wear the cardigan in place of a suit blazer. Trouser pants with a crisp white shirt go well with a layered cardigan atop the shirt. Pull the collar of the shirt out of the neckline of the cardigan and create French cuffs on the shirt for a masculine yet chic office look.
There are so many different ways to wear fashion cardigan 2012, so enjoy trying these styles.

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