Dress to Summer Wedding 2012

Dress to summer wedding — Being invited to a wedding ceremony is exciting and thrilling. You can attend one’s most important moment in his/her life and also dress up for this special occasion.

There are some things that we have to take a look at, like dresses, hair do and make up. In the summer wedding, it is better for you not to wear any kind of dress with white colour because most of this dresses make you compete with the brides. Do not wear hosiery, heavy make up or another chunky jewelry that can make you melt in the hot climate. The other important thing is not wearing some revealing dresses that ara too sexy because it is inappropriate for this occasion.

If you are about to choose dress to summer wedding, it is better for you to pay attention on the cue at the invitation card. You should find the level of formality of the ceremony. Only invitation with the world “White Tie” or “Ultra Formal” would need a long gown. An invitation with “Black Tie Optional” let you choose whether to use formal gown (a long one) or a cocktail party dress.

Dress to summer wedding tends to use a colorful palette. You can choose pretty florals or another vibrant colours for daytime or outdoor weddings. If the wedding will be hold after 6 P.M., dress up more, but still maintain the summery aura by using sleeveless dress, strappy sandals and glowing skin.

summer wedding Dress to Summer Wedding 2012
If you are going to attend a glamorous black tie wedding, make sure you look fashion-forward. This one-shoulder dress will help you stand-out without upstaging the bride.

summer gown Dress to Summer Wedding 2012
For a summer beach wedding, look for a light sundress for daytime, or a long elegant dress that feels beachy for an evening wedding. This delicate blue dress is dressy enough for an elegantwedding, yet its jersey blend will pack well with a minimum of wrinkling. You’ll feel relaxed and easy on the beach.

plus size gown1 Dress to Summer Wedding 2012
This dress has a v-neck draped bodice, which makes many plus-size women look extra hot. While the fabric is a relaxed jersey, the length and the little bit of glitter on the shoulders make it formal-appropriate.

cocktail dress Dress to Summer Wedding 2012
If a wedding invitation says “Festive Attire”, look for a cocktail or party dress that will be fun to wear and to dance in. This silk cocktail dress has a full silky skirt that will swing out on the dance floor, and a fun bold color.

wedding dress Dress to Summer Wedding 2012
A wedding invitation that says “Black Tie Optional” can be a confusing one to receive. Should you wear a formal gown or not? This dress strikes the right middle ground, with a simple cocktail shape dressed up by elegant beading.

You can find in the gallery for the rest of dress to summer wedding:

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