Cotton Short Sleeve Shirt for Men

FOR MEN, few wardrobe choices are as fraught with danger as the cotton short sleeve shirt, button-front shirt. You get it wrong and you look like Dilbert, or Michael Douglas in “Falling Down.” But if you hit the right button, you will go off as cool as Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine or rapper Kanye West.

The cotton short sleeve shirt has its own versatility which the collar screams business, but the sleeves say, “Friday’s coming.” The cotton short sleeve shirt might not be completely appropriate in some settings — like finance — but a well-fitted shirt, worn elegantly with dress slacks and a tie could work — but it’s hard for a lot of guys to pull that off without looking dorky.

cotton short sleeve shirt for men Cotton Short Sleeve Shirt for Men

Cotton short sleeve shirt with prints risk looking a little ” Palm Beach.” Plain white shirts are hard because with black pants they feel a bit “service industry” and with chinos they look “everyman.”

But a solid white short-sleeve shirt would be a whole different look by wearing a jeans. I think monochromatic can work — something like a navy blue, with navy blue slacks and a navy blue tie; maybe accented with a brown belt and brown shoes. For the workplace I’d probably stick with a solid. In other environments you could have a little fun with things like stripes. But plaids are played out.

cotton short sleeve shirt uk Cotton Short Sleeve Shirt for Men

The tailored look can keep a short-sleeve button-front from looking too “worky.” But you don’t want to go skintight, because most of these shirts don’t have stretch, and you want mobility — especially in the summer. Wearing it a little longer takes the short sleeve out of the realm of being your dad’s button-up shirt. Choose a style that’s just long enough to tuck in if you want to, but just short enough so if you leave it untucked you won’t look sloppy.

cotton short sleeve shirts Cotton Short Sleeve Shirt for Men

Cotton short sleeve shirt will look nice with vest and paired with jeans and nice button-front. You better avoid wearing tie with this outfit.

A cotton short sleeve shirt is still a bit tricky though it can be wear with many styles and variations. You want a shirt that’s trim, with sleeves that hit mid-bicep. And if you’re going to be showing your arms, make sure there’s some muscle tone there and you will rock your appearance with the cotton short sleeve shirt.

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