Cool Jeans for Women 2012

Both women and men like wearing jeans. They are appropriate for a visit to a local grocery as well as a posh party or red carpet occasion. Nowadays there are plenty of fashion models created especially cool jeans for women.

They are nice, durable and comfortable. And what is the most pleasant about cool jeans for women is that jeans are now made for all women figure types. I wrote this post to explain how jeans should be selected to suit your particular figure well.

cool jeans for women idea Cool Jeans for Women 2012

Tall women should pay attention to long or extra long jeans of light hues. Low rise is the best. Cool jeans for women may be flared, straight, rolled up, relaxed fit or boot-cut. Steer clear of short jeans, cigarette style jeans and the ones that are narrowed to the bottom. When purchasing jeans search for pairs with ‘For tall women’ or ‘Extra long’ labels.

cool jeans for women design Cool Jeans for Women 2012

For petit women, tight-fitting stretch and extra long jeans narrowed to bottom, as well as pairs with rolled up legs should be avoided as they make your figure look shorter. For plump women, pay attention to the fabric. Soft thin denim fits well and provides good shape.

Overall, look for cool jeans for women with a flared leg if you are hippy or heavy on top. This balances out the look and draws the eye away from your problem areas. Find jeans with a little stretch in the fabric if you are curvy. The stretch hugs your curves and shows them off. Hide big bottoms with pockets that are positioned up high. Also, look for jeans that have few embellishments on the tush. Cover a tummy roll with high-waisted jeans. These should rest just above your navel and have an extra wide waistband. Conceal an overall plump body with dark-wash jeans that have very few embellishments. Last, widen narrow hips by choosing low-ride jeans that sit right on your hip line.

cool jeans for women style Cool Jeans for Women 2012

cool jeans for women Cool Jeans for Women 2012

All these tips are good recommendations but they are anyway too generalized and sometimes can lose its significance due to the fact your shape is unique as well as your character is. So, keeping the advice given in mind try on all the cool jeans for women you want to buy and then decide whether our advice works for you or not.

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