Casual Outfits Style for Comfortable Looks

Casual outfits — When you want to relax but still look great if other individuals see you, you should dress casually. Casual outfits will allow you stay camfortable when hanging out, take a walk or shopping at the nearest mall, while still dressing appropriately to your destination.

The casual look is also important for the girl who loves to be comfortable and casual but still fashionable . Here are some tips to follow when you decided to choose a casual outfits.

The pants are the important aspect when it comes to dressing casual.  They can affect your style from professional or simply sloppy. Do not wear the kind of pants that you usually wear for work out or exercise, or in simple words, use jeans or khakis. Keep the sweatpants and shorts for working out.

Take a look on your shirt selection. The first step is to look if it has sleeves. No sleeves means not casual, and you should skip them (for men as it is generally acceptable for women). Make sure the shirt fits your measurement. A shirt that is several sizes to big will look more like sleeping wear than casual wear. Choose the clean shirts and make sure there is no holes on the shirt. This can go from T-shirts to polo shirts. Button-downs can be fine, but do not  tuck them in unless you want to go for business casual.

Now, pick out a pair of shoes. Literally, if they are free of holes and are not grungy shoes you would paint your house with, you’ll be fine. However, shoes or extremely tall high heels you would wear with a suit should not be used because it is not quite comfortable. In the casual looks, comfortable feeling always comes first.

You can get some inspiration from Kate Beckinsale’s casual outfits below :

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