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Blue wedding dress is here. When we are getting married at this time is far more fortunate than the women of ancient times, as the wedding dress trends evolve into more and more lightweight, simple, and modern. While the first, the women have to bear the weight of the dress that almost no sense at their wedding. One thing that almost has not changed is the color white is still favored. It turns out that Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840 was the one who popularized the white wedding dress, known until now. Though at the time was blue wedding dress is more popular among the people of England. So, why would you hesitate to wear a blue wedding dress?


blue wedding dress Blue Wedding Dress



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Thousands or even millions of girls in the world who dream of a perfect wedding would imagine it would be wearing a white wedding dress perfect. Popularnya white wedding dress, was also associated with a tradition that has been deeply rooted. Most of the parents refused to wear her wedding dress color. Because the color white on a wedding dress be confirmed as a symbol of pure and clean. Constancy in this tradition was, finally put aside the fact, that touch of color in a wedding dress can give a different accent. Fortunately, this myth is beginning to change as time passes. Along with the forms and changing patterns of dress, white dress color too often considered boring to some of the leading designers abroad.


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Currently, many celebrities who wear colored wedding dress. However, you do not need to change the color of wedding dresses drastically if it is not convinced. If you still want to be different, the following are some tricks that you can apply to get a different appearance in the blue wedding dress. You can add a cape (similar: open coat) or bolero in blue are combined with your white dress. Staying safe is not it? Or the addition of Brocade blue at the bottom of the dress can be a wonderful creative details. You can also try to take inspiration of international designers who combine colorful ribbons at the waist or below the chest. Select the blue ribbon. Do not forget to add Bross in the middle of the ribbon, in front of or behind the equally beautiful. Additional circular lace can be applied around the circumference of the chest or behind lipitan hand. Soft satin with a broken white color, very suitable material combined with contrasting blue velvet. Classic embroidered in blue on the tail (tail dress) can provide strong shades that match your wedding theme colors. Additional details on your dress of blue can be made matching with the color flowers, tie your partner, even with your bridesmaid dresses. Easy isn’t it? If you have a little courage and creativity, a few small changes can give a different impression on your wedding dress especially in blue wedding dress.

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