Blouses for Women 2012 Collection

Blouses for women 2012 are highly comfortable for wearing in office or in home. They are generally worn with trousers, skirts, pants, capris and jeans. You can find them in several sizes, styles and colors and it also comes in both short and long sleeves. Some blouses also have embroidery, beads work, sequin work, mirror work, zari etc.

A blouse is a piece of garments that cover the upper part of the body, and sometimes extending downwards to form a tunic. Blouses are worn by women and not the men; they come in all possible designs and almost all fabrics are used in women’s blouses.

blouses for women 2012 Blouses for Women 2012 Collection

Blouses for women 2012 are classified into classic and casual styles. The classic blouses sometimes come in a very conservative design, like that of the formal shirts, and they are usually made of soft fabrics like satin, silk or even cotton, to suit the career style or the special occasions. Casual blouses are not made of similar fabrics, however chiffon and silk can be used in anything, but it is more common to find them in couture and classic attire. Casual blouses can be made of any fabrics that give a nice look, accept dying and allow the designer to create; such as making many ruffled details and cuts within a blouse.

blouses for women 2012 trends Blouses for Women 2012 Collection

Although the selection of a blouses for women 2012 completely depends upon your personal taste but it is better that you take care of few things when you are buying a blouse such as.

You should always choose the cuts of the collars of blouses according to your face shape. If you have square-shaped facial structures then blouses with V necklines is best for you. If you have long face you should wear blouses with square-shaped necklines and round necklines. Because it will help you to hide the extra length of your face. Sabrina type necklines and any other and wide necklines will also suit on you with this face cut.

blouses for women 2012 style Blouses for Women 2012 Collection

If you have round face then it is advisable for you to avoid wearing blouses with Sabrina-type collars and closed collars.

The cut of the blouse is the next thing to be chosen wisely. For example if you have a wide waistline then you should hide it with empire cut blouse. On the other hand if you have leaner body shape you should wear tight-fitting blouses to get your best look.

Sometime stripes and lining in a blouse also affected your overall look. Like vertical line in blouse make you look longer and slim. Therefore it is good for you if have short height. Same as horizontal lines in blouses, make you appear wider, so it is suitable for you when you have linear figure.

blouses for women 2012 collection Blouses for Women 2012 Collection

Another thing is the color of the blouse. If you have wider lower body, such as wide hips, then bright-colored blouse will help you to minimize the attention from your lower part and emphasize your upper body part. Similarly if you have full figures then you should go with black and other dark colors to minimize fullness.

Blouses for women 2012 are popular for their comfortability and durability. They could enhance your glamour if you are choosing them correctly.

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